Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Post


Yet another week has passed by. What did I accomplish this week? Two reviews, which is a feat considering how slow I am to write reviews =). I'm pretty much excited about my upcoming trip to Semporna (the coastal town in the state of Sabah, Malaysia). One more day to go and I'll be on my way to my island getaway. Ill post all about it next week. 

Yesterday I had a fun outing with my friends. We went to Ampang Lookout Point to enjoy the splendid view of entire KL city. Alas, the topmost lookout point was closed due to some safety issues. We made a u-turn and headed to the next best thing, a mini lookout point just a few meters away giving us an equally fantastic view. There were plenty of stalls selling burgers and fried noodles and fried rice. Pictures are below, captured using my humble phone camera.

  Dusk is falling gently, painting the sky above KL city in the softest pink, peach and blue.

 Sequential snapshot as darkness descends over KL city, seen miles away on Ampang Lookout Point. Awesome!!!!! The tree is sort of a distraction, but a beautiful distraction nonetheless. =)  

After the good food and the great view of the city, my friends then dragged me off to karaoke. I am not a good singer but I belted out some hits with as much gusto as possible, songs like My heart will go on, We are young (sang only the chorus =p ), when you say nothing at all and love you like a love song. My it was fun. After the tiring but fun Saturday, today I relaxed at home with my laptop. There's some problem with my blogger, as sentences are highlighted without me doing them. Hope it'll be fine after a while. I'll be back after a week's time. Happy Sunday to all and have a nice week.