Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Book review: House rules

Title: House Rules
Author: Jodi Picoult
Genre: Contemporary fiction

First sentence reads: Everywhere I look, there are signs of struggle.

Rating: 3/5

This is my first attempt at reading Jodi Picoult's book. I have heard a lot about it, mostly of her My sister's keeper. So the next time I was in a bookstore I made a beeline for her books. This story is about a teenager who has Aspergers Syndrome which is in the Autistic spectrum. Jacob Hunt is brilliant and loves forensic sciences which nearly always puts him in trouble with the cops as he frequents crime scenes. Jacob is perturbed easily with any small changes in routine. So, Emma his mom, and Theo, his brother do not have normal household like other people. The plot focuses on each character as it flits from one to another as they narrate their story from their point of view. Jacob is a difficult character to live with as he is exceedingly brilliant but emotionally distant as he can't understand feelings. Theo on the other hand longs for normal household but has to contend with rigid routines to accommodate his brothers mood swings. The Hunt family has rules, and Jacob and his younger brother Theo are forced to follow these rule.

Rule 1: Clean up your own messes.
Rule 2: Tell the truth.
Rule 3: Brush your teeth twice a day.
Rule 4: Don't be late for school.
Rule 5: Take care of your brother; he's the only one you've got.

Things in the Hunt household gets heated up when Jacob's social skills tutor is found dead and this puts the Hunt household into chaos. Jacob is suspected and faces charges. Emma is torn between trusting her son's innocence and doubting him. I enjoyed the first 3/4 of the book which thereafter just dribbled slowly by with much repetition. I enjoyed this book just because of Jacob. While reading the book, I couldn't help but compare it with Grisham's writing style. Jodi Picoult does go into certain discussion of law but its not as powerfully written like Grisham. However, this book would not stop me from reading other Jodi Picoult's books as  she writes heart warming, genuine, thought provoking stories.

Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 In Review

I'ts nearly the end of 2010. It's been a good year despite the many disappointing incidents that dotted it. Here comes another year and I hope there is a bend in the road as Anne of Green Gables would say which brings wonderful surprises along. This post is for summing up the current year with the best of everything and the books read throughout the year. I've managed to read about 12 books and many were new authors for me. Some of the books have been absolute gems and I've discovered that I'm particularly fond of multicultural and historical fiction. Though I have yet to dig deep into many books in theses categories , I've done a little bit of dabbling into multicultural books set in India, China, Japan and also the Middle East. It has been fun. 

Books read in 2010: 
  • Midnight's children by Salman Rushdie
  • The last empress by Anchee Min
  • Cleopatra's daughter by Michelle Moran (a must read!!! )
  • Mirage by Soheir Khashoggi (exotic read !)
  • Dead head by Allen Wyler
  • Chasing eden by S.L.Linnea
  • First darling of the morning by Thrity Umrigar (a must read !!!)
  • Opposite of love by Julie Buxbaum
  • Midori by moonlight by Wendy Tokunaga (a must read !!!)
  • Love in Translation by Wendy Tokunaga (great story !)
  • Memoirs of a geisha by Arthur Golden
  • House rules by Jodi Picoult
Favourite Bookshop: Bookxcess. I started my blog with a grumbling that books are not cheap here and its frustrating for a bool lover like me to read more.Then came Bookxcess (Amcorp mall, KL), selling books at a great bargain which saved all book lovers here. Cheers to Bookxcess!

To my fellow bloggers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

South Asian Author Challenge 2011

Hi there everyone!

Its been a while since I last posted in my blog. Actually it feels like ages. I've got lots to update and reviews to post. Before that I would like to log my participation in the upcoming South Asian Author Challenge hosted by S.Krishna of S.Krishna's books. This would be my first reading challenge and I'm looking forward to it.  I have yet to decide on the books that I'm going to take up in the challenge as I need to scour the local bookstores for the available titles of interest. Till then take care and do drop by my blog. Cheers.