Book Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in having a review your books in The Quill's Story. Please take note of the below before sending me your book copies.

1. I am not a professional book reviewer. This blog is a hobby and I read for pleasure.
2. Reviews may be good or bad and it is just my opinion. If I enjoy reading it I will give it a rating(1-5). 
3. Reviews of the books will be posted in my blog and I will state the source of the book copy as received from publisher/author.
4. I prefer hardcopies to read but I do accept a  softcopy version of it, preferably do send me hardcopies please. 
5. I do not accept books with deadline attached to it. Please give me sufficient time to read it and give it fair review.

Books that I read:

1. Contemporary fiction
2. Multicultural fiction (love this fiction a lot)
3. Historical fiction
4. Literary fiction (my current favourite fiction)
5. Memoir

Books that I don't read:

1. YA
2. chic lit
3. Paranormal fiction
4. fantasy
5. Children's book
6. Non-fiction

** Please contact me to send your reviews and If I am not able to review it or I don't think the book is interesting to me I would let you know.
** Please include the following details in your e-mail: Book title, Author, Publisher,Genre, Release date, summary and any preference regarding review. 

** Contact me at: