Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday post


Hi there,

Its been a great weekend and I'm satisfied with how I spent my time. I'm a bit slow on writing up my reviews these days. Currently I'm reading The Postmistress by Sarah Blake and recently have finished reading Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye. Reviews are pending and I hope I can roll them out soon. 

Meanwhile, I've been contemplating on writing and writing styles. I've been dreaming of being a writer and pulling off the most brilliant fiction that would ever emerge in the shelves. Dreams aside I've been thinking of  just putting my pen on a empty sheet and just scratch away and see where it goes.  

If you were to write a fiction, what genre would it be and how would your writing style be, to the point, sharp and blunt or lyrical and beautifully worded? Which author's writing style would influence you the most? I believe the books we read would undoubtedly influence us without us realizing it. I also believe the ability to hold one's attention lies in the very first sentence. Though its not the case all the time, I find myself catching my breath and really looking forward to know what happens next when the first sentence hooks me in.

Do you believe that writing fiction requires a strong background in literature and writing as I noticed that the most acclaimed authors are mostly writers in profession. 

As I read Margaret Atwood's book, I realized how beautifully worded the prose was and when I was reading the Shadow of the wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, I was moved by the beauty of the prose, the lyrical way the story went forward. I love beautiful wordplay, strong characters and medium fast paced stories. I would love to be able to connect to the protagonist and move along with him/her as the story unfolds.

Thus, if I were to write, mine would be contemporary fiction (literary fiction is too high end for me). I would love to be able to write in that fluid, flowing style of Carlos Ruiz Zafon, with a strong wordplay like Margaret Atwood and a heart warming story that sticks in your heart like The kite runner. I love to combine and alternate the story from past to present as that requires a lot of careful planning and skillful wordplay to keep readers in track.

I would love to hear from all of you on what you think and how would your fiction look like. Comment away dear booklovers.

    Cheers and happy Sunday !!

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  1. Someone once said to me 'if you want to be a writer, just write' and I think that at some point, you just have to get a pen and paper and write something, anything, for the practise.

    If I was to write something, I think it would be historical fiction.