Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday snapshot (2)

Dusk is falling at Kelulut Beach, Terengganu but three solitary figures remain by the edge of the water.  I love quiet beach side photos, they show how calm and tranquil the world is at times.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Book review: The chocolate run

Title : The Chocolate Run
Author: Dorothy Koomson
Genre: Chick lit

First sentence reads: You're floating on a sea of chocolate.

What's in name challenge : A book with travel or movement in the title

Rating: 3/5

This story was an enjoyable read, though it took me some time to get through it. It also took me some time to warm up to the main characters, Amber and Greg. Once I got the hang of  not taking it so serious I was fine. The storyline is simple and  meant to entertain. Chocolate run is the story of Amber, a chocolate addict who is commitment-phobic. She has complicated relationship issues with her parents and her present boyfriend Greg. The story delves into her past and current relationships with her best friends Jen, Matt (Jen's boyfriend) and Greg (Matt's gorgeous best buddy). The story begins with Amber having  an accidental fling with Greg a playboy, whom she had previously saved from many tricky situations. She is horrified by her lack of judgement. However things move on from one thing to another and they end up being in a relationship. The plot then flits between numerous things that she encounters in relationship and her job as a deputy festival director.

What I enjoyed most about the book was Amber's description about people by comparing them with differnt types of chocolate. It was so utterly funny and imaginative. It was also truthful in certain parts where true friendship falls apart due to jealousy and things never get back to normal again as in the case of Amber and Jen. It shows how cruel people can be and how it spoils a whole lot of things. Amber and Jen go through such moments when Amber couples up with Greg. The story is all about  relationship, how fragile it is and how we deal with hurtful loved ones. The ending was perfect though, somehow complimenting how layered and complicated we human being are, not perfect, just a tad complicated. 

Favourite quotes:

You could tell so much about a person by your initial encounter, your initial taste of them. Talk to me for 3 minutes and I'll be able to tell you what chocolate you'd be. 

 I knew instantly that she was fruit and nut chocolate. Something reliable, an old favourite you liked having around. She was unpretentious like the chocolate and sweet, like the raisins, in a fruit and nut. But Martha had an excess of nuts, the hard bits you weren't expecting  to encounter when you were chillin.

 'Sorry,' I said to the teabag, then doused it in water. We were both going the same way but the tea bag was going to a higher purpose; it was about to offer refreshment. When my relationship met its demise, there'd be nowt purposeful about it.