Friday, August 27, 2010

Book review: Dead head

Title    : Dead Head
Author: Allen Wyler
First sentence reads: The Motorola cell phone/walkie talkie rang a   second before a voice came from the tiny speaker.

Rating: 4/5

Russell Lawton, a neurosurgeon is kidnapped  by terrorists who demand the most extraordinary thing from him. As i dont go for thriller these days, I started reading this book as i wanted to find out what was the demand all about. In a well planned kidnapping strategy, the terorists also kidnapped and hid Russell's daughter Angela as a motive for getting Russell's expertise for their own benefit. The stunned Russell will be asked to conduct a near impossible task of removing the head of  a severely injured Muhammad the colleague of  group leader, Ahmad and keep it alive to complete their mission. The explosive beginning seems to fizzle in the middle of story as FBI gets involved as Russell's ex-wife files kidnapping charges against Russell as their daughter goes missing. I was eagerly waiting for the gory details of severing head from body without leaving the brain dead and connecting it to computer to produce an interface that can interpret speech pattern and the author doesn't disappoint us and  really creates an intense medical/ research environment for readers to savor with explanation on connecting neuron signals to computer. It is also rather chilling to read the surgical procedures. Overall, it was something different from most other thrillers and I quite enjoyed it.


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