Friday, September 24, 2010

Book review: Mirage

Title       : Mirage
Author   : Soheir khashoggi
Genre    : Multicultural fiction

First sentence reads: The studio in which Barry Manning taped his radio show-a show that Jenna Sorrel disliked on principle but on which she was to be the guest in an hour-was in a renovated warehouse on commercial street overlooking the Boston harbor.

Rating: 4/5

Don't let the very long first sentence from stopping you reading this book. I'm pretty averse to long, twister sentences which don't hold my attention. I picked up this book as I've been wanting to read more on middle eastern fiction and have seen this book on several occasion. Recently, when I saw this book again I decided to just buy it and I'm not disappointed with it. Its a moderately fast paced story set in exotic Al-Remal, Egypt. Amira, the protagonist is utterly lovable, brave and loves her brother dearly and she carries out a dangerous mission on behalf of her brother, Malik. It's heartbreaking to read the way women are treated, punished and denied education. Amira is lucky as she managed to convince her traditional dad to hire a tutor for her. As a eager student she learns and learns and gains a diploma. Her life takes a sharp turnround when she is betrothed to the crown prince. Amira will never be the same again. However, the brave girl befriends french physician Philippe, which is the best decision she has ever made and saves her life later on. Her husband, the crown prince is not what he seems to be and Amira will be forced to flee to america where she starts a brand new life, with a brand new identity. Family ties are broken, history is erased and future is taken one day at a time. I felt the story dragged on with some unnecessary details towards the end and I would have liked the book to have much shorter ending. All in all its a good book. the author's writing style is pleasant and the character development is very good. i would catch other books by this author again.

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