Thursday, August 26, 2010

Evening musings : Peace

Im reading 'chasing eden' a book by S.L.Linnea. There is a part which mentions dog tag. Dog tag? For humans that is.The thought of soldiers who die in battlefield being identified by dog tag is saddening.

Is peace really elusive? Like paradise, heaven on earth? Is peace,for both  mind and  humans is attainable? When? Don't everybody deserve a chance to live without fearing bullets, bombs, daylight robberies, murder, abuse?

I wonder, will there be a day where there are no soldiers to protect each nation? Only children bearing flowers welcoming you everywhere you go.

When will people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka and all other places on this beautiful earth live without fear?

Will I see that day?

Even people who have it all don't have peace of mind. What an irony.Will they be freed of discrimantion, no divide over race, religion?

Im here on a comfortable couch in my house without any fear or worry at this moment. I wish the same for every single person in this world.

Yes, i want peace. I also do want bombs, no not the kind that you think and know of. I want bombs made of every kind of balloon, crayons, coloured pencils, candies falling down surprising people and making them laugh.

Yes, you peace I hope will be discovered.

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  1. That is the irony_Not to find peace and the freedom from fear. Fear is the intimidating tool made by people of egos for they have have to feed their superiority ego complex by instigating fear in their fellow human beings. Therefore, fear, insecurity, and stereotypism continue to be the governing rules of this planet. After all, the world can neither be free of trouble makers and its diversities in every aspect nor can it be beautiful, unpredictable and enjoyable without them. At times, its good to remember that we as human beings appreciate what we have at hand when we experience its absence and feel the agony of deficiency. The best thing is to contribute our share to the best of humanity while accepting those things we can't change-Thats what and how they are.