Thursday, September 17, 2009

paradise lost

One of my all time favourite romance book was mills &boon's Inland paradise. But i lost the book and I cant remember who took it. It was not your typical romance story where the guy is extremely handsum and the girl is pretty with the most amazing blue eyes. However, the girl here is pretty normal looking and a tomboy, Georgina Brown. Down to her last scrap of savings she will apply for a job by declaring herself a male, in a remote ranch deep in some Australian desert. There she will work under a tough rancher, larry roger if im not mistaken. If you like humour, you'll love this romance. At the end of the story, the love between the hero and the unlikely heroin will blossom. Its a gem of a story, at least for me. I miss the book. It was a very old story book with hard cover binding and i found it in my school library. I was just not satisfied reading it, i had to have a copy for myself and so i photocopied it. Too bad i dont have it anymore. If i ever come across it i would be so glad. It would be like a long lost friend found at last. So for now, paradise is indeed lost.

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