Tuesday, September 15, 2009

if only books were cheaper...

If i had RM 100, i could only buy 3 books or even less, imagine that! As english story books are priced no less than RM30 its impossible sometimes for me to buy more than 1 book per mth.The irony is I'l finish reading it in a day. That's so frustrating sometimes. So, when i go scouting for books in pay less book fares or cheap sales im like a puppy chargin at squirrel. I wana take the whole lot. Even here the problem is the cream of the crop are taken by people and those that are not so interesting are left behind. But Im not complaining. By buying secondhand books, I get the equal amount of satisfaction minus the heartburn of paying through my nose for just one book. Lets keep the books going around shall we and at the same time reduce waste. I hope what Im doing contributes in a small way for preserving the environment. TC guys.

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