Thursday, October 21, 2010

Musings: Happiness

The world is full of hypocrites and dignified grey haired people talking nonsense. But if you have enlightened soul, you wouldn't be burdened by these short sighted souls. Happiness is the seed of enlightenment. If you are not happy its hard to find peace in the harsh world full of sorrow, sadness, disappointment, disillusionment and malice. Where do we find happiness? Some find it in their hard earned money, some in the soul mates and some in their solitude. When you are happy, the world is always a better place to live.When you are happy the lines in your face always rearrange in the form of a smile. 

My personal quote: Happiness is like M&Ms, don't melt in your hands but melts in your mouth. 

PS: Reviews are coming up soon ( First darlings of the morning, Thrity Umrigar and The opposite of love, Julie Buxbaum)

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