Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday post

This is the second time I'm gathering my thoughts on a calm Sunday evening. I can't say the same for my mind though, it seems there are non-stop buzzing, alarm bells going on in my head. The reason is simple enough, time is running out, thesis is not ready yet. Welcome to a MSc student's life, where chaos rule and calmness goes out of window. Its long holiday here for eid mubarak. What did i do? I went shopping books and came back with 2 new books, Sophie's World by  Jostein Gaarder and Mirage by Soheir Khashoggi. Both are new authors for me since I have never read their work before. 

A gentle warning if my post today is a tad disjointed, its all due to random thoughts racing around looking for empty ports.

Firstly, this morning I happened to notice a new miniature pinscher at the front neighbour's porch. He's got two dogs already and here I am, still trying to get one for myself. The poor pinscher has been going crazy, barking at every single thing that moved beyond his cage. This seemed to irritate the housebound shih tzu  cutie who barked in annoyance. The next door german shepherd joined in and a very off-key band went on barking and howling in an unsynchronized orchestra. It amused me so very much. What a Sunday morning.

Later in the  evening, I received a dear compliment and encouragement from my closest friend on my blog posts. It warmed me to my toes and made my day better. Talk about healing therapy of best friends. Music, too made my day.Yes I've been listening to a whole lot of soothing music by my latest favourite Indian singer, Madhu Balakrishnan. He has got a heavenly voice. 

It's been as usual  up and down week, a very down, tumbling down more than uplifting week. But posting review and reading other blogs has kept me happy. As for the reading part, I've just started reading Mirage  and Sophie's world . I'm enjoying them and will post the reviews soon. 

Cheers and Happy Sunday to you too.

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