Saturday, August 25, 2012

Book Blogger Hop: 24/8/12- 30/8/12

Book Blogger Hop

Welcome to Book Blogger Hop hosted by Jennifer at Crazy-for-books. This week's question is;

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

My answer: 

Blogging allows me to be creative and to escape from the everyday routine. It is something I do just because I'm passionate about it. It has also helped me to write better and put my ideas together. I can proudly say that I too belong to world wide web, not just in my presence in Facebook but for my presence in a much sought after websites, the world of books n book blogs. 

The other favourite things about blogging is I get to have a say on the books I read, why I love them or hate them and be critical of the works of fiction. It makes me appreciate the effort of writers and makes me hope that someday I too would call myself a writer of fiction and not just a writer of blogs. 

So what's your favourite thing about blogging? Do drop me a comment and happy hopping.


  1. Hello:

    Good answer. I like the aspect of meeting new people and seeing the creativity that others use when doing book reviews. There are a lot of creative folks in blogging land.

    Stop by to read my entire post if you like. I also have a giveaway going on.


    Silver's Reviews

  2. I love expressing my opinion. Blogging really helps me express what I want to say. I want my opinions to be known and heard. New Follower.

    Sydney @ Starry Storm

  3. I love this big, wonderful book blogging community. I love chatting about books, browsing blogs, getting book recommendations, connecting with authors - all that. It's just fun, you know?

    Glad to have found you via the Hop!