Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fish tales

Currently I'm in a reading slump. I can't seem to pick up a book and concentrate, try as I might yet I can't. I guess the books that I have  are not inspiring as well. I tried reading Corner shop by Roopa Farouki but  it just cant seem to hold my attention. So, I've switched to another historical fiction set in Malaya and Japan, called Leaving the heart behind by Joan Foo Mahony. So far so good.

Meanwhile, to banish my boredom, I went and got myself a tiny fish tank and bought some guppies. They are adorable.  It's been four days already and all are still alive and thriving. Initially I thought I bought two males and two females but upon scrutinizing them I realized that there are three male guppies. Ooops. That explains why the female guppy was getting harassed all the while. The ratio of male to female should be 1:2 so that the females are not harassed too much as guppies are forever courting. Right after landing in his new home the male guppy was already flaring his fins near the female to court her. Talk about speed. Today I went along and bought some smooth pebbles and a aquatic plant to cheer up their drab looking home. I hope to see some guppy babies soon, the pebbles and plant would provide some space for them to hide. Now the tank is looking oh so cute, so Zen like. The guppies seem to be enjoying exploring every nook and cranny. I'm loving it.

Guppies with colourful finnage are male, dull coloured guppies are female
Zen looking fish tank

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  1. I love watching fishes, it's so relaxing.
    I hate it when I get a reading slump like that, I hope you manage to get out of it soon.